Gran Turismo. Elegant as fuck

Codies get a lot of shit lately, but i think they’re actually the best of the genre

Dash is dead ;n;


I went through and mass unfollowed inactive blogs, which, sadly, was most of my follow list!

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and i’ll check out your blog! <3

It seems like PPSSPP and my Pc get along very well… Time to dive into The Dracula X Chronicles!

Emulating Capcom vs SNK 2 since i don’t have my game anymore. Good thing is, i can use my 6 button fight pad now, and it’s GODLY

I may be finally getting in terms with Wave Race: Blue Storm

Reblog if you’ve actually SEEN the movie “The Aristocats”




Let’s see who’s over 18



f*ck you CAP&amp;NAM



f*ck you CAP&NAM

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Unnoficial Patch 0.4 + Extra modding

When it’s about Pokémon, what keeps the game alive for me it’s the competitio aspect. I’ve had rivals since the very first gen, and becuase of that i passed the main adventure as soon as possible to be able to start training my little beasts and be ready to battle my friends.

Online since Gen 4 makes it even more exciting, and made me train lots of pokemon. These photos? Here there are 90 lv. 100 pokémon, while i already have almost 100, and not counting most of my Ruby, Diamond, SoulSilver and White guys, who are still waiting to be reset and super-trained (some of these are from these games, btw)

One thing i know: They are bytes and pixels, but i love all these little fuckers. So many battles, so many adventures, so many years, still kicking asses online, and some of my old pals mega-evolves to kick EVEN more asses.

Pokémon Forever, dawgs