I downloaded a skeleton mod and another mod fucked it up and it would only let him have hatsune miku hair and you couldn’t even go hairless

Da más miedo del que debería XD

So, uh… well, it seems that my low end rig can take emulation of some Gamecube and Wii games quite decently, and the poor machine accepted the challenge of emulate Smash Bros Brawl on its Project M version. Lots of framerate hiccups here and there but hey, the game is playable to say at least.

How about some TDU2 good ol’ modding? I LOVE to add improved models instead of senselessly switching cars.

Simply wonderful

I’m a great Simbin fan (or i was before RaceRoom Experience) so i couldn’t let the chance of selling all my steam cards and purchasing Race ‘07 on Steam with the money earned.

Is not bad at all, it feels like a more polished Race The WTCC Game (it uses the same engine after all) and its handling feels better.

It’s on sale right now, so go for it, guys!

So, uh… got Marlow Briggs gifted by a friend on Steam. Is a God of War clone, and a pretty good one i should say, is also gives nice screenshots too :)

Fei Long has always felt so out of place with the Street Fighter cast that it makes great to use him. Is as having a SNK character based on Bruce Lee.

So, uh… i don’t have internet right now, but i’m still alive and kicking (sort of)

I missed posting screenshots on a regular basis, so here you have a bunch. Enjoy :)

Got tired of being full legit, so i decided to heavily mod my TDU2, starting by swapping some cars for others that make more sense (just swapped a Pagani Zonda F for a Huarya) and swapping vanilla cars for more modern models ripped from games like Forza 4. Those Jaguar XKR and Nissan GTR are directly ripped from Forza 4 and Forza Horizon.

Is interesting to say at least, and i actually like the results, it almost makes the game looks updated.

Proggresively upping graphic settings in Race the WTCC Game from Med to Max. I love doing this in old games, and cross-gen titles like Race are oddly interesting.

BMW: Medium

Alfa Romeo: High

Seat: Max